​My name is Ellen, I moved to Bali Indonesia in 2018. It didn’t take long for me to notice the suffering that was all around. Specifically dogs on the street needing urgent care. At first I was so shocked and upset about what I was seeing, I had no idea how to help, who to call or what to do. I was paralysed by this feeling of helplessness. It was my partner and friends who encouraged me to slowly start taking some action.


I began by feeding the street dogs in my area. This quickly turned into me organising these stray dogs to be spayed and neutered, as I could tell this was the biggest issue. The amount of unwanted, abused and neglected animals continues to increase because there aren’t enough sterilisation programs happening on the island. 


Fast forward 2 years and I have now sterilised 100s of dogs and cats, I give regular skin medicine to street dogs, I feed many animals, I rescue stray animals, put them through the care they need at the vet clinic, if I am lucky I find these animals new homes. I currently have 7 dogs of my own. 


To give you an idea of costs;

  • $50AUD will cover a dog or cat to be spayed or neutered

  • $20AUD per vaccination for each animal to protect it against rabies, distemper, parvovirus and other deadly diseases.

  • $30-$40AUD for chemotherapy to treat a very common cancer called TVT, which is sexually transmitted. Depending on how bad the cancer has gotten the animal may need between 3-7 rounds of chemo

  • $20-$35AUD for skin medicine

  • $5-$10AUD for food weekly

  • where things get more expensive is if you have an animal that needs to be hospitalised, medication, operations, IV fluids, medicated washes, specific diets

  • $120AUD a month to put a dog into a boarding kennel if you have no potential fosters/adopters.


This work to me feels like a duty, its something I am here on this island to do. It’s all possible due to generous and lovely people who continue to donate toward this cause. A little goes a long way. Please consider donating and support the dogs of bali today.

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How you can support...

There are two ways you can help us in supporting the Bali street dogs and cats that are in need of care.

If you love all things Yoga & Practice you can enter into a prize draw by making a donation, of your choice, to be a potential winner of one of the following prizes:

Winners to be announced on 15th March 2022


If Yoga's not really your thing, and you'd still love to support Ellen in her service of looking after stray dogs and cats without entering the prize draw, you can simply donate here...