The lost art of breathing

A 4-week course to rediscover the beautiful art of breathing & its capacity to create both stability & vitality through your body, mind, and life.


Understanding the power of the breath, its nuance and ability to equally nourish as much as sooth the system, has been perhaps one of the most transformative tools within my own practice, and I can’t wait to share its many healing benefits with you.


The breath is often something that is easily overlooked, it simply happens without thought. And yet, it’s perhaps one of the most powerful tools that we have in order to radically shift our experiences ~ physically, mentally & emotionally.


Through the lens of science and yogic philosophy we’ll explore what the breath does for the mind & nervous system, supported by a variety of practices that allow theory to become embodied wisdom. 


You’ll learn to create space where there’s perhaps resistance, using a range of different techniques that help the breath to become more efficient, ultimately leading you to heightened states of awareness, steadiness and reflectivity.

Numbers will be limited in order to powerfully serve each individual on their journey. This is also a one time offer that includes the individual mentoring at a special price.


All live sessions will be recorded and made available to those partaking, however I strongly encourage you to join the live where possible to get the most out of this experience. 


This course is created with life in mind ~ everything aside from our weekly meet will be bitesized content/ practice so that it’s something you can add to your day in a way that feels nourishing and accessible.


What This Course  Includes

  • x4 Weekly live sessions via zoom (for embodied theory)

  • Pre-recorded content (to assist integration)

  • Guidance & further support through each week to keep you motivated

  • x1 Course manual

  • 1 month pass to my On Demand Library (following completion of the course)

  • x1 Private 1:1 session to close out our time together and to help shape a unique daily practice that is best suited to your current needs, providing some initial structure as you continue to move forwards post-course (think of this a taste of mentoring within meditation/ life/ spiritual practice)

  • x1 Recording of personal daily practice shaped through our 1:1 session


Investment ~ £180




(Payment plans available)

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Breath as Medicine

4 Week Course


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