Group Mentoring Programme

“If you look at yourself, if you look at your mind, if you look at your activities, you can repossess the humour that you have lost in the course of your life”


Chogyam Trungpa

A journey of compassionate enquiry and loving accountability to support you in re-establishing balance, harmony and total zest for life!

Life, as beautiful as it is with all of its vast potential, is also a dance of limitless twists & turns, change & uncertainty. The fast pace rhythm that we currently find ourselves intimately involved in, will often have our attention pulled in several different directions at once, which can leave us feeling fragmented, stressed & overwhelmed.

Practice, in all of its forms, is an opportunity to regather those fragmented & scattered pieces of the mind, ultimately moving it towards something more cohesive, concentrated and whole. As a result, we begin to feel more cohesive, concentrated and whole, creating an opportunity in which to powerfully meet life from an entirely different lens/ state of being…one that feels rested, at peace, joyful, excited amongst the unknown.

If you’ve been feeling a little lost, anxious, maybe uninspired, join me for 6 weeks of gentle, loving support and with a light touch we’ll rediscover the sweetness of Being that is forever yours, patiently waiting for you to come home.


All live sessions will be 75-90 minutes long, and take place via zoom. The sessions will be recorded and made available to those partaking. Nonetheless, I strongly encourage you to join the live where possible to get the most out of this experience. 


This course is created with life in mind ~ everything aside from our weekly meet will be bitesized content & practice so that it’s something you can add to your day in a way that feels nourishing and accessible.


  • Live Session 1: Sunday 17th October 9am BST

  • Live Session 2: Sunday 24th October 9am BST

  • Live Session 3: Sunday 31st October 9am BST


  • Live Session 4: Sunday 14th November 9am GMT+1

  • Live Session 5: Sunday 21st November 9am GMT +1

  • Live Session 6: Sunday 28th November 9am GMT +1

What This Journey Includes

  • x6 Live group mentoring sessions via zoom (75-90 mins)

  • Weekly homework/ focus to further integrate the live session

  • x1 Weekly audio recorded meditation to further support & empower your journey (6 total)

  • Free access to my On Demand library for the duration of the programme

  • Extra guidance/ support via Whatsapp Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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Coming Home
6 Week Journey

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£250 Investment

Please note: This programme is subject to my TERMS & CONDITIONS

Making payment will be acceptance of my services subject to the Terms and Conditions