Online Mantra & Harmonium Course

Starts 24th Jan 2022 ~ 6 Week Course

You will love this course if...

  • You are inspired by mantra and devotional music

  • You are a yoga/meditation teacher or someone who holds space for others and would like to deepen your understanding of mantra and how to incorporate mantra into your practices and offerings.

  • Your desire and goal is to hold Kirtan’s or ceremonies of your own.

  • You are confident with your voice.

  • You will also love this course if you are lacking confidence in your voice and would like to strengthen your relationship to it (both your singing voice and speaking voice - they inform each other :)

  • You enjoy music, instrumentation and practice.

  • You want to experience the joy, healing and transformational power of YOUR voice. 

  • You have had a harmonium for years, but haven’t known how to approach playing or practicing.


What’s included

  • Weekly pre-recorded content with new mantras to explore (11 mantras in total)

  • Weekly live sessions through zoom, that will be recorded and saved for you to watch at your convenience. They will cover Q&A, continued practice on the mantras covered in the pre-recorded tutorials as well as scale practice.

  • Vocal health, warm up, scales. All to build confidence, strength and faith in your own voice and instrument.

  • PDF’s of all mantras and scales, with words and chords as well as defining and explaining each God / Goddess that we chant to. 


What you will get out of this course

  • Gain a deep understanding of the keyboard, the notes, sargam, swaras and chords.

  • Access to learning many of your favourite mantras at your own pace.

  • The courage to use your voice in a devotional and loving way.

  • Information on the Gods and Goddesses that we’re chanting too.

  • Ultimately this practice helps you connect to yourself. The divine names that we chant, are a direct channel to the realisation that divinity lies within each and everyone of us. 

Bonus material


  • You will learn over 5 new Vedic mantras.

  • Plus two bonus mantras that will be shared via the live Thursday sessions (thats a total of 13 mantras in 6 weeks!!!!


What you will need

  • A harmonium/piano.

  • A comfortable and quiet space for practice.

  • Pen and paper.

  • Access to zoom.

  • I always recommend having water or tea with you each time you come to sit at your instrument.

  • Wear comfortable clothes to allow for relaxed breathing.

  • If sitting on the ground for long periods isn’t an option, put your instrument on a table and sit on a chair.

  • Minimise your distractions (phones away or on silent).

  • Come with a beginners mind, be open and playful as you take yourself through these sessions.

  • Be willing to learn, practice, sing, dance and enjoy yourself.

The time commitment

  • The pre-recorded content will be uploaded every Monday morning (WITA Bali time). Each of these videos are around 1 hour. What I find is once I start practice, time evaporates and I end up being there way longer than I intended.

  • The live zoom sessions will be every Thursday at 4pm (WITA Bali time). These sessions will be 1 hour long also.

  • The minimum time commitment per week is 2 hours. 

Investment ~ $380 USD

Option to pay in one full complete payment; or


In two instalments of $190USD on 24th Jan 2022 & 14th February respectively 

Payment can be made through transferwise, paypal, Australian or Indonesian bank transfers. Please just reach out about which one is best for you. 

If you have any lingering questions please email