Events & Offerings

All online classes will take place via Zoom unless otherwise specified. Classes will be recorded and available to use for a 48hr period after the session has taken place. 


If you're unclear or have any queries please don't hesitate to reach out!

What's On

Invoking Joy | Satsang w/ Sudhir

Saturday 30th April | 9am BST ~ 60 minutes (ONLINE)

Join myself and the lovely Sudhir Rishi for a gathering of hearts to explore some of Yoga's promise through open discussion & enquiry. This event is offered for FREE - donation is completely optional. To book your spot for free please tick the free ticket option. Session will be recorded and made available for replay for 48hrs from the event.

Be comfy, bring your journal, bring tea!


Invoking Joy | Practice w/ Chrissie

Sunday 1st May | 9am BST ~ 120 minutes (ONLINE)

One of Yoga’s greatest promises is a life infused with limitless joy. Practice becomes a means of re-accessing that quiet, sweet space that is beyond fear and doubt, patiently waiting for us to come home. 


Let's practice together in a way that brings meaning & felt experience to some of Yoga's teachings. With intelligent sequencing, and a skilfull weaving together of breath, movement & focussed attention, we'll regather what feels like the scattered pieces of our mind into something more cohesive and whole.


Mapping the Mind | Workshop

Saturday 7th May | 9am BST ~ 120 minutes (ONLINE)

Why is it that we suffer? What are the tendencies of the mind that cause us to feel stuck? And furthermore, how is it that we may move past them? 

Yoga's highest goal is mastery of the mind, a mastery that will lead us towards lasting fulfilment and ultimate freedom. It's a practice that asks us to explore the nature of our mind, so that we may gather insights into our tendencies/ patterns, and furthermore begin to change the behaviours that aren't useful to our growth and expand on the ones that are, so that ultimately we come to rest back in our fullness, in truth, and live in a way where we can express that into the world.

This workshop is a deep dive into some of yoga's teachings that help us to discern what, why and how we may practice in order to fulfil yoga's greatest reward ~ the remembrance of who we truly are, from which, all suffering may subside.


Sakti Sadhana | 200hr Tantric Hatha Yoga YTT

10-months beginning March 2022 (ONLINE)

Immerse yourself in the world of Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga and follow the path of the Masters of the Himalayan Tradition. Set out on the journey which will eventually yield life's greatest reward...a remembrance of who you truly are.


Fire & Water Meditation Teacher Training

10-months beginning March 2022 (ONLINE)

Join us for a 10 month training to explore the depths of meditation through embodied practice, theory and discussion. By the end of this training you will be empowered with the knowledge of how to use practice to support you in living fully, AND with the tools, techniques and readiness to share that practice with the world around you


Breath As Medicine | £250

9 Week 1:1 Course (ONLINE)

A 9-week course to rediscover the beautiful art of breathing & its capacity to create both stability & vitality through your body, mind, and life. Through the lens of science and yogic philosophy we’ll explore what the breath does for the mind & nervous system, supported by a variety of practices that allow theory to become embodied wisdom

By the the end of our time together, you will have an understanding of the breath & yogic breathing techniques that will enable you to powerfully shape your own unique home practice in a way that best suits your needs during a given time and space.