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Online Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

29th Jan - 5th Feb 2022

Join us for a week of practices, contemplations and community to explore the modulating notes of body, breath and mind, as you rediscover and redefine what balance, stability and harmony look like and feel like for you.

Weaving together the wisdoms of traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation, we will explore what it means to be balanced, empowered and at ease within the body and the mind - and more importantly, how it FEELS.

These ancient sciences were designed with the individuality of human bodies and minds at their core, with a view to creating and sustaining harmony within and between them. Simple steps that allow us to feel connected & whole, to ourselves first, and as such, to the world, the experiences, and the people around us.

Whatever ‘harmony’ looks or sounds like to you, these practices and tools along with some gentle guidance & support will help you to refine it, and more importantly, maintain it. Learn to reclaim and sustain a sense of ease, balance and inner calm throughout the fluctuations and uncertainty that life offers.




Saturday 29th Jan

9am - 11am: What is Ayurveda? (A dive into finding harmony with Ayurveda)

11am - 1230pm: Complete Practice


Sunday 30th Jan

9am - 11am: Yoga & The Mind (Exploring the mind through neuroscience & Yoga)

11am - 1230pm: Complete Practice


Monday 31st Jan - Friday 4th Feb

7-8pm - Online Gatherings each evening. These will consist of a mix of practices (Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama) and group discussions/ Q&A.


Each morning during the week you will also receive a daily email with prompts/ contemplations to keep the space of practice alive throughout the days.


Saturday 5th Feb:

10am - 12pm ~ Closing Circle & Kirtan



There are 3 options to choose from that are offered as a way to help support you, and the overall community we wish to grow. Pick what feels most accessible for you.


Option 1 - €60 (community)

Option 2 - €95 (supporter)

Option 3 €125 (sustainer)


Scholarships are available for those that need financial assistance


What this includes:

  • Live Workshops

  • x1 Manual

  • Live evening check-ins

  • Daily email prompts/ guidance

  • Access to both of our On-Demand libraries for 2 weeks

  • x1 Ayurvedic recipe booklet

  • Access to course content via Podia for 30 days after the retreat


All course content will be yours to access for another 30 days after the retreat. Live sessions will be recorded and made available to rewatch.

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Why Join Us?

While many of us have learned to adapt to a world which is in a perpetual state of flux, change and doing, this state of constant activation is not where creativity, balance and true, sustainable health & harmony are nurtured.

These traditional practices foster a deep knowing and sense of balance in our systems, with Ayurveda providing a framework through which we can bring about a stable foundation to rebuild our natural state of harmony - from the inside out.

The online format allows time for integration and self-accountability, whilst also providing valuable community support through online calls.

Chrissie Chung

Chrissie is a yoga teacher & mentor based in the UK.  She’s spent the last 6 years travelling around the world, teaching on numerous YTTs in India, in studios from UK to Bali, and retreats in South Africa and Europe.

Her heart is now firmly rooted in sharing the incredible far-reaching potential of practice, using its various tools as a means to serve the individual in finding their own unique way to live wholeheartedly, playfully and with joy!


Jenny Russell

Jenny is an Irish yoga teacher, musician and writer who has spent the past 6 years travelling, exploring and integrating these ancient sciences into her life.


She's a qualified Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Counsellor and health coach who has trained & studied with teachers in the Sri Vidya lineage of traditional tantra, & she offers classes, private sessions and workshops on teacher trainings to students in Ireland and abroad.


She has a passion for sharing kirtan and mantra in person and online, and approaches all of these offerings with a view to helping students access and create harmony from the inside out. 


By clicking on the "Book Now" button you agree to our Terms & Conditions of supply. If you do not wish to agree to our Terms and Conditions please do not complete the booking.