Think less & feel more

What would life look like if you gave yourself the permission to do a little less thinking, and a little more feeling? What might it feel like to soothe the busy nature of the mind, and awaken the spaciousness of the heart?


Join us for a day of powerful practices that help to shift energy and attention in a way that invites greater balance & harmony, igniting inspiration & joy.

The Day:


We’ll start our journey with a morning yoga session to bring the heart & mind into union. Skilful work with breath & body to bring back that state of vital ease. A home-cooked vegetarian spread to reground and integrate, with the space to land and be (for those that want to stroll we have a beautiful local field walk that will bring you across wild chamomile & fresh elderflower).


Once food has settled we’ll drop through another layer of relaxation via the practice of Yoga Nidra, fully opening to the possibility of reclaiming that internal silent space.


From here we’ll sit together with the medicine of whole bean native cacao ~ a beautiful heart medicine that invites holding to dissolve, and softness & expansion to unfold. Working with cacao is gentle & sweet, it reminds you that you are held, that you are whole, that you can be at ease within yourself and within this world around you.


To further awaken & empower the quality of this medicine we’ll close our time together with the gifts of Kirtan. Chanting mantra to loving, playful melody. It’s a beautiful combination where the cacao opens us to curiosity, to play, to listening; and where Kirtan & sound enlivens the cacao to be fully felt & deliciously experienced





Held in the charm & warmth of Upper Saxondale’s sweet community hall, nestled in surrounding nature & wild green fields so that your internal space can be met with external space.

What's Included:

  • Morning Yoga Practice

  • Brunch ~ fresh homemade vegetarian spread

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Ceremonial Cacao & Kirtan



  • Early Bird Price ~ £50 (available until 18th July)

  • Full Price £65

Angy Morand

We'll be joined by the incredible Angéline Morand offering her wisdom & practice ~ the gift of sound and voice. I'm yet to have an experience of Kirtan like it. She effortlessly transports you into that space of playful joy, of feeling expansive & free, of recognising you are held.

To find out more about Angy you can head to her website or her instagram

We had epic chats not so long back, if you want to hear her wisdom in action you can drop into this podcast


Day Retreat Heart Led

31st July | 10am~4pm | Nottingham


Why Cacao?

Short Film 

Guest Teacher