Meet Keli

She's one of the most passionate & playful teachers I know, offering her wisdom with FULL heart. She shares the magic of Traditional Tantric Hatha but what I've really come to see during the time we've spent together, is that she's a teacher of compassion.


Keli's the first to kick off this new series of Uncovering Joy ~ an invitation into the magic & beauty of different practices from some of my favourite humans across the globe. Think of this as an opportunity to curiously explore what helps to light you up into that space of effortless joy & remembered wholeness.

To introduce this special human and gain insight into what she offers, we jumped on a call to chat all things practice, Tantra & personal joy.

A Tantric Hatha Yoga practice that utilizes traditional Yogic techniques to help expand energy and aliveness. This practice is perfect for the times in life that you are looking to grow energetically or mentally, simultaneously feeling the space inside of you, and outside of you (aka aura) become more free, fluid and light.


If you've yet to experience the power of Traditional Tantric Hatha, it's a practice that calls us to master our energy, and in doing so master our lives. A wonderful recognition that everything we need in order to thrive and live with full heart is already ours.

Keli's Offerings

Keli offers a whole host of magic, including trainings, mentorships and a platform where you can dive into more online classes. Her details are below, there’s even a complimentary Nidra on offer if you sign up to her mailing list, I highly recommend it!

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Uncovering Joy

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