“We live in a fast world in which many of us try to run even faster”

Robert E. Svoboda

Stress has become the epidemic this world faces. We’re so busy being busy that we’ve forgotten the art of slowing down, the deep value of truly taking rest and settling back into that space of gentle awareness.


To get there means to pause. We’re so conditioned however in keeping ourselves busy and lost in the doing, that the process isn’t always easy. Quite naturally, an habitually busy mind will push back and resist, which can often leave us feeling frustrated & unsuccessful. And yet, when given the right tools to support us, on the other side of that resistance is a space that will keep you nourished & whole, and open to life.


Ultimately, Presence is the thing that will allow us to live more fully. It’s the invitation for the busy mind to settle so that we remember clarity and peace. It’s the thing that keeps us patient, kind and calm even when we feel ruffled. A quality that when embodied will soften us to each of our experiences, despite all of life’s unknown.








The Science of Presence aims to harness you with some of the key tools & techniques that will help to declutter the mind, soothe the nervous system, and encourage tension & stress to dissolve. It’s not enough to get quiet and still, and expect everything to become peaceful!


Together we’ll explore the various methods that both individually, and more so when brought together, make your journey back to presence rich and fruitful.


Chrissie Chung

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