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1:1 Mentoring

Deepen your spiritual practice

Start to understand & transform personal blocks

Expand your experience of practice, life and/ or teaching

Move towards a life that feels more fulfilling and free

What if anything is keeping you from the richest, most fulfilling experience of you and your life?


How might things change if you were to dissolve even just a little of your holding, so that in its place you find the potential to both harness and embrace your deepest desires?


Mentoring journeys are an invitation to explore and understand yourself layer by layer, gathering insights into the tendencies of your own mind so that you can begin to work with the vast array of identities/ beliefs/ habit patterns that you have formed; transforming the ones that limit and keep you stuck, and embracing/ expanding the ones that empower you to become all that you truly are.


The mind is infinitely vast, and your calling here is to dive deep enough to acknowledge both the samskaras (seeds of pattern/ habit) that keep you stuck, as well as uncovering and reclaiming the seed/s of truth that remind you, you are free…

"If you want to change the world outside of you, you have to start by paying attention to the universe inside of you"

~ Tracee Stanley

These are uniquely tailored experiences to meet the individual exactly where they are at, whether it's centred around your experience of Self & life, or whether you're a teacher looking to deepen your understanding, refine skills and expand your offerings (or indeed both). I weave together my 8 years of practice, personal experience and study to bring together the wisdom bodies of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra and recent research/ scientific study from the world of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, bridging the gap between spirituality and science to create an empowering, simple and yet effective means for positive transformation and growth.

Change happens when we’re willing and ready to change, and it's a journey that starts from the inside out.

This journey is for you if you feel ready to...

  • Remember who you truly are

  • Reconnect to a life that feels more aligned

  • Get really clear on where you are now, and what you feel inspired to move towards

  • Let go of old ways of being that are keeping you stuck

  • Rediscover a life of greater fulfilment, freedom and joy

  • Find your unique experience of balance and harmony

  • Commit to meeting with yourself daily

  • Embrace practices & tools (meditation/ guided relaxation/ self-inquiry etc.) that seek to support you along the way

  • Take hold of your life with gentle & compassionate accountability

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What Clients Say

"If you are considering a mentorship with Chrissie then chances are you are familiar with some of her offerings. Imagine those experiences but through a 1:1 container so thoughtfully considered and beautifully delivered just for you as a truly unique individual. The impact it had on me moved way beyond any expectations I may have held.


The actual step of choosing this investment for myself immediately created a shift. From there we worked together to help me carve out some much needed space in my life to create clarity around what I truly value, from the part of me that looks way beyond that of the thinking mind, deep into my heart's desires...and we moved toward that.


Perhaps coincidental although i think completely purposefully, through our 3 months together the shifts which occurred were beyond anything i could have imagined. I started teaching a new class, an offering which is faithfully aligned with what I want to share right now, I started a new job which allowed me more time to be able to sign up to a course I had been considering for some time and I began a new relationship. 


Delivered through live 1:1 sessions, recorded meditations and breathwork practices, future focused practices and a whole host of other recommendations, Chrissie's bespoke offering created profound shifts and the learnings are something which remain a part of my daily life. I am so wholly grateful for this experience".

Suzy McGregor ~ 3 Month Mentorship
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