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Mentoring for Teachers

It can often feel like a bumpy & lonely terrain discovering what it means to teach, potentially navigating a sea of questions and doubts. I remember finishing my first training and feeling like whilst I knew more, I also knew nothing, and that despite the intense deep dive offering a wealth of information, it was really just the scratch on the surface of something truly vast.


And so how do you not only begin, but continue to find ways of offering some of that wisdom, in a manner that feels authentic and fulfilling to you?


This mentorship is designed for both newly trained & experienced teachers. If you’re feeling a little lost or perhaps that you’ve hit a crossroads & sense that impulse to expand but aren’t sure what to do next, then this could be for you.


Potential points of growth:


  • develop & discover your authentic voice, getting clear on what it is you wish to share, and what lights you up 

  • assistance on exploring/ expanding your personal practice (knowing that the most powerful way we can share is from the direct & embodied experience of our own practice)

  • unpack & work through specific areas that you find challenging/ uncomfortable so that you can move past that barrier and harness your full potential

  • deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy, and how you can begin to weave its intention through your classes/ offerings

  • learn the principles of Vinyasa Krama and the subtle energetics of practice so that you can begin to sequence/ curate classes in a way that can offer greater impact for your students

  • develop your capacity to share pranayama & meditation

  • support/ guidance for cultivating online content/ workshops/ retreats

  • assistance in the online world/ live-streaming


Next steps: If this tickles your fancy, you can book in a free 20 minute chat so that we can see where you’re at, and if this feels like a good fit.

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