MOON - calm, ground and stabilise an otherwise busy mind


Practices to assist in our capacity to master non-reactivity. 

The emphasis is on longer holds in the poses, developing the exhalation and embodying qualities of physiological steadiness and mental ease. Moon practices are the foundation of all Tantric Hatha practices, guiding awareness inwards to touch in on that silence & space which exists beyond the chatter of our thinking minds.


Reclaim a mind that is calm and tranquil in nature, and then stay completely rooted in that place despite change, despite challenge. 



Forward Folds and Twists

Focus on developing the exhalation

Gentle work with Mulabandha (Root Lock)

Longer holds and a focus on physiological steadiness


Bhav (the mood we bring to Practice):

I am not my thoughts. I am that which experiences the mind thinking

Developing insight into the nature of the mind

Yoga is about stability more than flexibility

Connecting to the aspect of Self that exists beyond the mind, Purusha, pure consciousness


These classes are ideal if:

• You have a busy life or a busy mind

• You feel anxious or ungrounded

• You want to feel more stable and calm

• You are not sleeping or digesting well

• You are quick to anger or easily rattled emotionally

• You want to improve your concentration and meditation practice

SUN - to charge up, revitalise & build pranic sensitivity


A more outwardly dynamic practice than Moon, Sun class strikes a sweet balance between cultivating the power we need in order to thrive & excel in life, alongside the sensitivity that’s necessary to touch in on the subtler planes of reality; like intuition and connection to the inner Intelligence that’s giving us life.


The emphasis is on asanas that open the chest and upper body (backbends and laterals), developing inhalation and retaining energy & radiance through the introduction of deeper Tantric practices such as bandhas and mudras.


A calm and steady mind is essential to carry you through these practices where strong power/ prana is at play. 



Backbends, Laterals

Namaskars (Salutations) and conscious Vinyasa

Focus on developing the inhalation

Introduction of Bandhas and Mudras


Bhav (the mood we bring to Practice):

The world is an ocean of energy of which I am a part

I need power in order to excel, however power without mental stability is dangerous

I am a vessel of energy, yet this vessel leaks. Therefore, I need to manage my energy and learn how to build and contain it, humbly and safely.


These classes are ideal if:

• You are feeling stagnant or lazy

• You are feeling sad or depressed

• You are looking to feel more positive about life

• You have poor circulation

• You have low immunity

• You are ready to start working more on the energetic level

• You’re already mentally grounded, stable and calm

FIRE - ignite the radiant power of Soul


Practices that draw on all elements of the Tantric path, including deeper work with bandhas, mudras and breath, to access the true heart of Yoga.


Still the mind, cultivate energy and create that powerful internal fire, seated deep within the navel centre, that will burn through the limitation and doubt that keep us bound. Physical challenge only increases through the inclusion of inversions, however the real emphasis is on building internal heat within the abdomen, whilst directing awareness and energy into the spine (considered our pathway back to Source).


Ignite the power to thrive, create space for your pure potential (Kundalini) to rise up so that you may stand up to live in the highest version of yourself.


Again, a calm and steady mind is essential to carry you through…always take the Moon with you!



All Asana categories including Inversions and Extensions.

Complimentary Tantric techniques such as Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Mantra and Meditation

Developing inhalation and exhalation

Merging inhalation (Prana) and exhalation (Apana) in the navel to cultivate the Yogic Fire of transformation (Agni)


Bhav (the mood we bring to Practice):

Awakening to the highest understanding about who I am and life itself

That which I seek I already am (Tat Tvam Asi)

I am designed (and destined) to thrive in all areas of my life. Practice allows me to access this innate excellence

Life is a gift from the Divine. Practice is my ‘thank you’ note

These classes are ideal if:

• You are feeling physically and mentally balanced

• You are stable, calm and grounded

• You have already established a relationship with Prana

• You have a committed daily practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation

• You worldview embraces Yoga as a spiritual practice

You are truly ready to embrace your greatness


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