Exploring the Possibiliy of Peace

Using practice as a means of reclaiming & strengthening your connection to inner peace; to recognise that aspect of you that remains unchanged & untouched by outer circumstance.


Through accessing this space again, and again, and again you begin to build salience around this quality, signalling to the body to bring it to the forefront of your living, breathing life into it as an important state of Being. Over time, we come to meet & know our incredible capacity & strength for full embracing each of our experiences, even amongst the potential flurry of thoughts & stories & feelings.


Class Plan

Week 1: Yin Practice ~ “At the core of every experience and emotion is the possibility of peace” (Friday 9th July 6:30pm BST) | 75 mins


Explore your edges, bring awareness to all the contours, colours & layers of your experience and come to meet the part of you that silently watches, without label, without judgement, welcoming each passing moment just as it is


Week 2: Tantric Hatha Yoga Practice “Purusha ~ The one who is always at rest in the city of the body” (Friday 16th July 6:30pm BST) | 75 mins


Becoming the witness. Powerful work with the breath as a means to skilfully shift & focus the mind and soften into an embodied experience of effortless effort. To acknowledge what unfolds, even the many thoughts & labels you might like to place around what unfolds, without identifying to, or becoming any of it.


Week 3: Yoga Nidra Practice ~ 31 Points (Friday 23rd July 6:30pm BST) | 60 mins


Becoming increasingly effortless. Drop through different layers of relaxation, using rotation of consciousness to carefully land and then gather awareness back in the heart where the mind comes to rest & coherence unfolds

Week 4: Meditation practice ~ “Loving Awareness” (Friday 30th July 6:30pm BST) | 45 mins


Pranayama (breathing practice) to invite the mind towards stillness, and then a meditation technique that leans into the spaciousness of passive observation infused with the vibration of loving awareness. This is a wonderful process of awakening a sense of peaceful surrender/ allowing; to cultivate focus and then stretch your lens of perception to see through field of loving awareness


4 Week Journey Practice Bundle ~ £25


Individual Class ~ Sliding Scale £7-£17 per class

All classes will be recorded and then made available for the following week prior to the next live session.


For those purchasing the bundle: by the end of the 4 week journey you can choose your favourite practice and have another 4 weeks in which to keep revisiting as a means of inviting impactful support to life.

 Choosing your Class

4 Week Journey Practice Bundle ~ Buy Here

Individual Classes:

Week 1: Yin Practice ~ Buy Here

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The Possibility of Peace
4 Weeks ~ 4 Practices