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Be Nourished Retreat ~ Hope Valley, Peak District UK

19th - 22nd May 2023 ~ Sold Out 

A full weekend to give yourself the permission to completely pause, and bring all of your attention towards tending to the rest & replenishment of body, mind & soul.


There will be daily practices on offer that bring an emphasis on nervous system regulation through a variety of means (Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Guided Relaxation, Yoga Nidra etc.); time to simply sit and be; nature and beautiful hikes to explore; two meals daily (brunch & dinner); a local swim spot if you'd like to immerse in cold wild water; and the chance to come together in community, as a collective seeking wholeness and well-being.


Restoring Rhythms~ Malaga, Spain

8th-14th April 2023

Yoga & Ayurveda place great importance on our understanding of the connection/ union between that which is taking place inside of us, and that which takes place outside of us. From the rhythms & polarities of day and night, to the changes of the seasons, to our sleep/ wake cycles and much, much more.


This retreat is an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the wisdom bodies of Yoga & Ayurveda, bringing together these two sister sciences by way of empowering your understanding of practice, and most especially, your experience of Self and life. Together we’ll explore traditional source wisdom, alongside the practices that help you to breathe life into that wisdom, in a way that feels both meaningful and effective for you.


The Journey Home ~ Malaga, Spain

14th - 20th April 2023

One of Yoga’s greatest promises is to move us towards an experience of life that is infused with lasting fulfilment, ultimate freedom and a joy that is untouched by external circumstance.

An opportunity to dive a litter deeper, in an embodied way, exploring the nature of the mind, its tendencies, and how we may best use its potential in service to our growth. Together we’ll explore traditional source wisdom, alongside the practices that help breathe it all into life, so that the teachings can begin to reveal themselves to you through the direct experience of your own practice.


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Favourite Spaces

Inea Yoga ~ Yoga School & Retreat Centre Corfu

Agriturismo La Fontaccia ~ Tuscan Farm Stay, Rufina

Terzo Di Danciano ~ Tuscan Country Retreat, Cortona

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