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Retreats & Events

Opportunities to gather in community/ sangha. Join me in person and online to gather as a collective of seekers curiously traversing the path of Yoga and it's promise of wholeness and joy! Give yourself the gift of time, pause a little, and settle into a space where you remember all that you are behind life's rush.


RETREAT: Heartworks ~ Tantric Hatha & Bhakti Yoga w/ Jenny Ní Ruiséil ~ Portugal; 16th-22nd March 2024

Just like any other muscle, the heart is something we must use and tend to, in order for it’s full potential to be unlocked. From the perspective of Yoga, the heart - specifically, the cave of the heart - is one of the ultimate destinations our practice can take us. This retreat will be a deep-dive into the practices that most ignite a sense of equanimity, joy & peace in the heart. ​

RETREAT: Be Nourished Retreat ~ Norfolk; 10th-13th Mar 2024  SOLD OUT

A weekend to slow down and reclaim the parts of you that so often get lost in the rush of life. Through the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Guided Relaxation, Sound Healing (and more) we invite you to reconnect with that which is most important to you, so that you can return to life feeling whole. Expect plenty of rest and deep inner nourishment as well as possibly the most delicious vegetarian food we've ever had from our wonderful retreat chef April.

Online Offerings

Press Pause; Wednesday 22nd November 730pm GMT (30 min)

** Included with Sangha Subscription  **

A short and sweet journey towards collective pause & rest. It takes courage to slow down. Together we'll soothe the tensions of body and mind so that gently we can rediscover a feeling of stillness and ease. In this practice we'll move towards one of my favourite guided relaxation techniques that brings awareness to the feeling of emptying and how this can be further supported and emphasised via the breath.

The Scope of Yoga: Exploring Practice; Sunday 26th November 930am GMT (75 min)

** Included with Sangha Subscription  **

Join me for a gathering where together we can begin to explore the depth and breadth of Yoga’s promise, contemplating and considering what this might mean for us both within our practice and our lives. How might we begin to ground ourselves in the bigger picture of Yoga in a way that informs what we do and how we do it without losing sight of its greater goal? Our focus: Continuing our journey of contemplation and embodiment through the Yamas and Niyamas. This month we take time to unpack Asteya, non-stealing. What does this invitation actually point to, and what could it mean for our experience of our Self, our life, and the world around us.

Reiki & Rest w/ Becky Johnson; Sunday 17th December 1030am GMT (75 min)

It is with the utmost pleasure and delight that I invite you to join myself and one of my favourite humans, who is also the most incredible reiki practitioner, Becky Johnson, for a morning of deep rejuvenating rest, amplified by the sweetness of energetic healing. What Becky offers is beyond words, it's the sweetest coming home to nourishment, wholeness ~ a full body, mind and soul tune up.

What Clients Say

"Chrissie’s retreat “The Journey Home” far exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge of samkhya philosophy is extensive and she uses this to underpin daily practices that stretch far beyond asana. The retreat allowed every participant to use yoga’s wisdom as a method of self-enquiry, so we could gently let go of anything that was not working in our day-to-day life. Through asana, pranayama, meditation, kirtan and ceremony we delved deep to connect, reflect and release. I left the retreat having shed a few skins."
Mary Grinstead ~ The Journey Home Retreat 2022
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