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Retreats & Events

Opportunities to gather in community/ sangha. Join me in person and online to gather as a collective of seekers curiously traversing the path of Yoga and it's promise of wholeness and joy! Give yourself the gift of time, pause a little, and settle into a space where you remember all that you are behind life's rush.


RETREAT: Be Nourished ~ Peak District, UK, 19th-22nd May ~ SOLD OUT

A full weekend to give yourself the permission to completely pause, and bring all of your attention towards tending to the rest & replenishment of body, mind & soul.

RETREAT: Restoring Rhythms w/ Yoga Spirit Circle ~ Malaga, Spain; 8th-14th April ~ SOLD OUT

This retreat is an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the wisdom bodies of Yoga & Ayurveda, bringing together these two sister sciences by way of empowering your understanding of practice, and most especially, your experience of Self and life.

RETREAT: The Journey Home w/ Yoga Spirit Circle ~ Malaga, Spain; 14th-20th April ~ SOLD OUT

One of Yoga’s greatest promises is to move us towards an experience of life that is infused with lasting fulfilment, ultimate freedom and a joy that is untouched by external circumstance. This is an opportunity to dive a litter deeper, in an embodied way, exploring the nature of the mind, its tendencies, and how we may best use its potential in service to our growth

DAY EVENT: Be Nourished Sound & Breath ~ Colchester, UK; Sunday 23rd April 10am-2pm

Join Chrissie & Hannah for a day to be nourished by sound healing and breath; a remedy for tired bodies and minds that will leave you feeling spacious, at ease and reconnected to the deeper you Put everything down for the day and be held by the rich potential of practice. 

RETREAT: Dolce Far Niente w/ Yoga Spirit Circle ~ Rieti, Italy; 20th-26th August

One of Yoga’s greatest gifts (of which there are many) is that it opens us to the simple sweet nothings that are really quite something. To see magic even in the most mundane. This retreat is an opportunity to do just that; to slow down and invite deep, replenishing rest into the cells of your body. 

RETREAT: Nourished By Breath ~ Corfu, Greece; 8th-14th October 

Join Chrissie & Hannah at the beautiful INEA Yoga Retreat Centre where we'll immerse in practices that help us to understand and embody the breath. Learn how we can use this incredible tool to support our system in releasing held tension and stress, returning body and mind to a state a deep calm and ease, nourishing from the inside out.

Online Offerings

Practice: To Come Home ~ Wed 8th March 6:45am GMT (60 min)

A practice to move towards Yoga's promise of remembering and resting in our essential nature. This practice will focus on awakening pranic sensitivity, bringing the mind to rest once more in our innate sense of nourishment, healing and joy ~ culminating in a meditation practice that asks us to contemplate/ feel & embrace a worldview that will keep us connected to core of our heart, and the essence of our practice.

The Scope of Yoga: Exploring Practice ~ Sunday 12th March 9:00am GMT (60 min)

Join me for a gathering where together we can begin to explore the depth and breadth of Yoga’s promise, contemplating and considering what this might mean for us both within our practice and our lives. How might we begin to ground ourselves in the bigger picture of Yoga in a way that informs what we do and how we do it without losing sight of its greater goal?

Be Nourished w/ Laura Wilkes: Yin Melt ~ Wednesday 15th March 8:00pm GMT (75 min)

Join us for our next online gathering where we have the absolute joy and honour of being nurtured back into wholeness through the gifts of Yin Yoga facilitated by the magic that is Laura. Slow down, unwind, release and reconnect back to your body. Move from fight/flight back into rest, digest & heal and rediscover your experience of balance & ease.

The Rest Collective: Dissolve into Wholeness ~ Friday 17th March 8:00pm GMT (45 min)

A short & sweet gathering to rest, collectively, in support of each other feeling vital, vibrant and whole. Some simple movement to release tension/ stagnation within the body, and enliven your pranic experience. Subtle work with breath to optimise diaphragmatic breathing. Guided systematic relaxation (savasana) to unite body, breath & mind, and dissolve into an experience of balance, wholeness and being.

What Clients Say

"Chrissie’s retreat “The Journey Home” far exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge of samkhya philosophy is extensive and she uses this to underpin daily practices that stretch far beyond asana. The retreat allowed every participant to use yoga’s wisdom as a method of self-enquiry, so we could gently let go of anything that was not working in our day-to-day life. Through asana, pranayama, meditation, kirtan and ceremony we delved deep to connect, reflect and release. I left the retreat having shed a few skins."
Mary Grinstead ~ The Journey Home Retreat 2022
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