Uncovering Joy
with Angéline Morand

Meet Angy

We first met in India where I was very quickly enamoured by her infectious zest for life, and every time that I have the pleasure of connecting with Angy, I’m left completely inspired by the deliciousness of this life!

Angy is that someone whose energy is such a delight and so powerful, that just by being in her presence you leave feeling completely uplifted. She offers everything that she is with an open, vulnerable & playful heart, inviting you into the container of practice in a way that is deeply personal and full of soul.


What I love most is her recognition that even as we practice, we are hopelessly human…and that’s OK. She offers her wisdom to you in devotion and reverence, and you can't help but be drawn into her shared expression of effortless joy. Touch in on her magic and find out more about her offering on this month's podcast: Episode 2 ~ Uncovering Joy w/ Angéline Morand.


We talk personal practice, Bhakti (the path of devotion) and purposeless joy/ the act and fullness of simply Being. Her offering “Bhakti Yoga: A Celebration of Maa Durga” is available via through the On Demand library for single rent or within the monthly subscription. It’s one of the most charming invitations to practice I’ve experienced yet - I highly recommend it.

This devotional practice invites you to soften & surrender to the Divine Mother:  She who holds you. Through rituals, offerings, japa & chanting we explore the many ways of honouring and awakening the divine power that resides in each of us, in the most humble and graceful way.


Gentle, yet profound, this practice offers you the time and space to be vulnerable, open and accepting of all that you are. Rejoice in Sound, let Silence do the rest.

Angy's Offerings

You can seek out more of Angy's wisdom and offerings, including online classes, private sessions, a course that helps to both strengthen and create understanding around your immune system, plus more! Her details are below


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Online Bhakti Class

A Celebration of Maa Durga

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