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Uncovering Joy
with EJ Brumfield

Meet EJ

EJ and I first met in India, working alongside each other on a teacher training, and if I could sum her up in a single word it would be SUNSHINE. She has the most uplifting, warm hearted, generous and infectious energy that pulls you into that space where you LOVE life. Simply put, she is a pure joy to be around, and any chance I'm gifted a window of opportunity to soak up those vibes, I throw myself in with total appreciation and delight.

Her wisdom is real. It's rooted in life and it carries the sweetness of humour, something I've come to recognise in all the great teachers I admire & respect. It's an acknowledgment that we needn't take life, ourselves or our practice so seriously. Listening to EJ, at least for me, always feels like a breath of the sweetest fresh air, and a wave of gentle relief. Like...oh, we're human, all of that stuff I've been avoiding/ running from, it's ok to turn towards it...phew.

We had the most delicious chat about all things practice, Yin, Sound Healing & her path to joy. You can check out the podcast below. And, if her wisdom & chats gave you all the feels EJ has also kindly brought an amazing practice to the On Demand platform using the gift of Yin & Sound Healing to invite the deepest level of surrender, softening to fully arrive at home in yourself.


I've practiced it on repeat!

Indulge in a soft, tender unwinding of the body and senses with a delicate yin yoga practice, followed by a Sound Healing meditation. The yin sequence has been specifically tailored to soothe and recharge the Stomach and Spleen meridians: helping us to shed worry, remorse, and doubt.

EJ's Offerings

You can seek out more of EJ's magic & incredible offerings, including private sessions for your very own tailored sound healing, and rumours of a training when the world permits some travel! Her details are below:

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