21-27 JUNE 2020

Whilst the ultimate goal of practice is spiritual awakening, the Yoga Tradition also provides us with extraordinary tools that enable us to master & enjoy everyday life too. The invitation is to live and love at our highest capacity, while at the same time achieving greatness in ALL areas of life, and all we have to do...is Practice!


Join us for a transformative week in the rolling hills of Tuscany and gift yourself the opportunity to step into the power of self-reliance, taking destiny into your own very capable hands. We’ll be offering 100% traditional, lineage-based Yogic methods to activate your dormant power & potential; to heal simultaneously your physical body, nervous system & mind; to send healing to others, and most importantly, to move you beyond fear towards a more luminous and intentional future.

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A small medieval Borgo (hamlet) hidden in the hills of the sleepy Pierle Valley. Terza Di Danciano offers natural refuge with endless panoramas across olive groves, cultivated fields and forests.


This Tuscan country retreat couples an authentic feel and taste of Borgo life with exceptional comfort and privacy, to sweetly hold us within the week’s experience. You’ll have a maze of history to explore within the spacious rooms, a garden of ancient mulberry and olive trees to connect with nature, uninterrupted views of the valley, our own private filtered rainwater, terra cotta pool, and the use of a newly installed Spa.


This family-run enterprise is hosted by the most passionate souls who are dedicated to providing a nourishing & transformative space that will allow us to fully immerse. We’ll also have the pleasure of feasting on delicious home-cooked meals each day that speak to seasonal & locally sourced produce.


To find out more about the space please head to: 


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Private room €2400

Double single share €1800

Triple/ 4 single bed share €1500


What’s included:


Brunch & Dinner daily

Yoga classes/ workshops

Spirit Hike (optional)


What’s not included:


Travel/ Travel Insurance

15% OFF


The main house is a magnificent 16th century construction. The floors, stairs, plasterwork, paint and vaults have all been renovated to preserve the unique radiant character of the environment rich in colour and vibrant in identity. The house has 9 master bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Check out what's on offer:


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Octavio Salvado

My mission is simple: to honour my teachers, serve the Tradition and share Yoga with the world in the way that it was intended – as a spiritual science designed to awaken humanity to its highest potential. Everything I teach is lineage-based, handed down over thousands of years from teacher to student in an unbroken chain of personal transmission.

Chrissie Chung

When I take the time to reflect on the journey to here and now, I come to realise that yoga was perhaps always in my blood and bones. It trickled through the different stages of my life in various shapes and forms, softly hinting at Soul’s true desire - to know more, to break away from condition, expectation...to be free to experience life in the way that my heart so calls.



We have the pleasure and privilege of Emma joining us on retreat, offering powerful practices that speak to the essence of Svadhyaya, self study, encouraging daily reflection to become a part of your practice. We’ll learn how to create habits for introspection so that we don’t stay mired in the patterns than no longer serve us and spend time reflecting on some poignant contemplations that help us to know ourselves more fully to live a more radiant life.


“A yoga practice without self study isn’t yoga” 


Emma Salvado


I am a devoted Wife, Mother and Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher, and Mentor. I live in Bali (the island of the Gods) with my husband and two children, and our two sweet dogs. 


I began practicing yoga during my pregnancy with my first child, Maya almost twenty years ago and began counting on yoga to bring me a sense of calm at a time in my life when I was struggling emotionally. I started attending regular classes, recognising the benefits that a committed asana, pranayama and meditation practice offered.