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Uniquely tailored journeys to support & expand your experience of life, practice and/or teaching. Soften resistance, untangle limitation, find clarity and return to a way of being that feels more YOU! This is a process of coming home to all that you are.

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Opportunities to gather in community/ sangha. Join me in person and online to gather as a collective of seekers curiously traversing the path of Yoga and it's promise of wholeness and joy! Give yourself the gift of time, pause a little, and settle into a space where you remember all that you are behind life's rush.

Continue your studentship, exploring your relationship with Yoga, and how you might wish to express that into the world ~ sharing always, from your wise, authentic, loving heart.

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 A personally tailored experience so that you may be held and supported be that in Yoga, Meditation or Rest. I use my knowledge and experience of Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda & TCM to skilfully weave together an experience that will nurture your needs. 

Practice with me online! Delve into an array of different classes at your leisure and begin to taste the essence of what Yoga has to offer.

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