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Trainings &
Online Courses

Continue your studentship, exploring your relationship with Yoga, and how you might wish to express that into the world ~ sharing always, from your wise, authentic, loving heart.

Trainings 2023

Sakti Sadhana 200-Hour Tantric Yoga Immersion + Teacher Training; June 2023 ~ March 2024

Immerse yourself in the world of Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga and follow the path of the Masters of the Himalayan Tradition. Set out on the journey which will eventually yield life's greatest reward...a remembrance of who you truly are.​

King's Fire & Water Meditation Teacher Training; Starting in March!

Join us for a 12 month training to explore the depths of meditation through embodied practice, theory and discussion. By the end of this training you will be empowered with the knowledge of how to use practice to support you in living fully, AND with the tools, techniques and readiness to share that practice with the world around you.

The Heart of Prana 50 hour YACEP Online, Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Training; September 2023 - Feb 2024

Join myself and Jenny Ní Ruiséil for 5 month deep dive into the heart of Prana. Our understanding of Prana is what shifts a practice from feeling dull, directionless and repetitive, to one which nourishes the very core of our connection with all of life itself. Nurturing your relationship to Prana is nurturing the heart of the pure awareness and love that you are which exists beyond the layers of identity, ego and external distraction.

Online Courses & Experiences

Seeds of Intention ~ 21-day Spiritual Practice (Self-Led Replay)

A carefully curated container that seeks to guide an experience of inner exploration, using the power of clarity & intention as a means of living with greater purpose. Deep inner work/ reflection to uncover truth & desire, further supported by a sustained, simple (yet potent) meditation practice that aligns mind & heart with a daily remembrance of that which you seek to grow.

The Science of Presence ~ 7 days to empty, settle and soothe.

The Science of Presence aims to harness you with some of the key tools & techniques that will help to declutter the mind, soothe the nervous system, and encourage tension & stress to dissolve. It’s not enough to get quiet and still, and expect everything to become peaceful! Together we’ll explore the various methods that both individually, and more so when brought together, make your journey back to presence rich and fruitful. 


Rituals of Self Care & Rest ~ 4 week Journey (Self-Led Replay)

What if self care isn't a luxury and instead something we consider as necessity, as soul care? This is a 4-week journey, infused with the wisdoms and practices of Yoga & Ayurveda, exploring rest and rituals of self care, that ask us to begin to embrace the seemingly small ways that we can consistently choose to show up for ourselves and our experience of nourishment. 


The Possibility of Peace Bundle ~ 4 weeks, 4 practices (Self-Led Replay)

Exploring the possibility of peace, through a variety of practices that help to strengthen and reclaim your connection to inner peace. Recognise that aspect of you that remains untouched & unchanged by life's circumstance allowing the body, mind & nervous system to recognise this state, this feeling as an important piece to your everyday.

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