" It’s been a funny journey really - my first steps into yoga were purely vain, seeking to change my physical body because I believed it wasn’t enough…how sweetly different my intention is now! 


I rocked up to a beginners class at a small “Soho gym” in Waterloo, London, with literally no idea of what to expect. I was lucky to have stumbled upon a really great teacher, whom from the get go had us chanting mantra, practicing pranayama, breath retention, meditation as well as asana, and I was hooked. I can still feel the sensation of that first class, this all-pervading sense of calm and I floated home that night, untouched by the busy tube ride, strange armpits in my face, and rolled into my broken single bed, light and whole and kind…I’m just a nicer person when I do yoga, to myself and the rest of the world around me. 


And then life happened…I got deliciously lost into an existence where yoga became a sweet memory that I longed to return to deep down somewhere behind all of the distraction. I changed jobs (several times) moved from the media world to the professional kitchen world, fell in love, fell out of love and eventually found myself 28, single, somewhat tired & sleep deprived, leaving yet another job in search of something more. 


That deep longing always finds you - in one way or another - and without really knowing what or why, I found myself on a plane to India (entirely unprepared) for my first yoga teacher training. The intention was to take my personal practice deeper but sometimes life hands you the gift of change and you find the courage to follow that (thank you Mama Pod, thank you Mama Chung). I returned home, I guess a bit of a cliché these days, and began to shift my life from steady job to exciting unknown in which I could share a passion, and I haven’t really looked back since.


My studies continue, my practice evolves and the most beautiful discovery from losing myself in this tradition is the softening into a truer version of me; more beautiful still, is having the opportunity to share this potential of self acceptance with the amazing people who are willing to grant me their time. It's not about exercise or bettering yourself, it's about returning to the knowing that you are already enough. "

" Chrissie is a brilliant teacher whose enthusiasm for yoga and life in general is infectious. She has her own unique style of teaching and manages to tailor her teaching to each individual even in a large class. She is a delight!"


Karl Wooldridge

United Kingdom     

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