When I take the time to reflect on the journey to here and now, I come to realise that yoga was perhaps always in my blood and bones. It trickled through the different stages of my life in various shapes and forms, softly hinting at Soul’s true desire - to know more, to break away from condition, be free to experience life in the way that my heart so calls.


My first deep dive into this vast tradition brought me into a very physically intensive asana practice, and it certainly served a purpose, short & sweet, until my love for movement subsided into a reverence for self study; to meet myself in stillness and allow the pauses & silences to speak my truth.


What this lineage has brought me is the desire to live each day, each moment with intention & compassion. It guides me home to rest in the truest essence of Self, and embrace every single part of my story; where I show up and just as equally where I fall short. To know myself more fully is to meet life from a very gentle and open place where I can let ALL of it in.


Spiritual practice is such a gift and I’m forever in awe of its potential. My life has (and continues) to become fuller and richer the deeper I surrender to these teachings, and my simple wish is to share the thing that’s given me so much, in its pure and honest form.



Tantra’s intention is to drive us back into the remembrance of Soul - of who we are and why we’re here, so that we can rediscover our unique purpose, and then with courage and conviction, live from that place unflinchingly every day.


These are traditional-lineage based tools that guide us back towards a sense of feeling whole and complete. Practices that aim to clear the mind and illuminate the soul, diving into the full spectrum of yoga (asana, bandha, mudra, kumbhaka, pranayama, meditation, kriya...) 


It’s a science...a science that is rooted in ancient wisdom to target the body, mind and soul with very specific intention. As such, it’s important that we educate ourselves with what these are, so that we can channel our practice in a way that leads us to becoming a more radiant and potent version of ourselves.


Take steps to reclaim a mind that is tranquil & calm (moon); build power in order to thrive and stand in your truth (sun); create the subtle yet potent fire that burns through limitation and self-doubt (fire). In the end, the only real feedback that matters from your practice, is the steady and luminous incline of life across the board - the continuous, rich and quiet joy that softly unfolds as you align yourself to Dharma.


Your potential is limitless - engage in a practice than enables you to harness it, and then share the story of who you are with your whole heart; that’s all that this world asks.



The opportunity to dive a little deeper and immerse yourself in powerful practices that speak to the heart and tradition of yoga. 

Nourish the soul, give yourself room for pause, remember your true nature behind all of the rush. It's the space to come together so that we can return to the hustle and bustle of life feeling vibrant and whole.

Finding Harmony, 9th-17th January ~ 9 Days of Yoga, Ayurveda & Self-reflection (Online Retreat) |  MORE INFO


Tight on time to tune in LIVE? There's a new On-Demand Library of classes to suit your needs. It's in its newborn baby-stage and will build in content & choice over time.

Classes are available to rent for a 3-day period so you get to revisit, embody and truly touch in on the benefits that each it speaks to. Unsure of what you need? Please reach out and I'll happily assist where possible to steer you in the right direction.

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I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have been taught by Chrissie. Her knowledge and energy lead you through clever and carefully thought out sequences that leave you wanting more. I can’t wait for the opportunity to arise again, to be in this wonderful creature’s presence. Simply delicious



Chrissie is a brilliant teacher whose enthusiasm for yoga and life in general is infectious. She has her own unique style of teaching and manages to tailor her teaching to each individual even in a large class. She is a delight!


Christina is a fountain of yoga knowledge. Her approach is gentle and deep. Her classes were among the most enjoyable I experienced in Agonda, India. I can’t wait to be taught by her again. A nourishing teacher


Nottingham, UK

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