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Uncovering Joy

Yoga is perhaps one of the sweetest invitations to come home ~ to a deeper knowing, a clearer truth. It’s this rediscovering of a clarity that begins to uncover your innate sense of joy. It establishes such a firm relationship to Self, to a deep & rooted feeling of wholeness, that you start to navigate life’s uncertain twists & turns with greater ease…even if & when it decides to throw you sideways!


And so the tools that we explore within practice, are simply the means of further supporting us to uncover and reclaim that joy. They help to soften the barriers of resistance, to untangle the knots of habitual patterning & preconditioned beliefs, so that we can begin to create the space for new ways of thinking, and as such new ways of being, harnessing our potential for a life of greater compassion, connection and belonging.


Shift your focus inwards, and remember what it is to feel at home in yourself, so that you can be fully at home in this life, embracing each day with a sense of purpose, fulfilment and delight.


Change happens only when we’re willing to change, and it starts from the inside out.

Work with Me

Work with Me



The support & guidance to assist you in moving deeper within your personal practice

Mentoring for


Be held as you explore what it means to be a teacher for you, empowering your capacity to share authentically, from the heart!

Mentoring for


Unlock the joy of living

Coming Soon

Practice with Me

On Demand


Video library of recorded class content to meet your needs. Dive into an array of different practices at your leisure.


Events & Offerings

Practice with me live. The space to come together as a collective and pause. Dive into powerful practices that speak to the heart of Yoga, so that you can return to the hustle and bustle of life feeling vibrant and whole

The Science of Presence

Online Yoga Course.

7 days of guided practices to unlock the gifts of getting calm.

Retreat with Me


Nourish the soul

Give yourself the gift of time. Come home to everything that you are behind life’s rush.

Practice with Me
Retreat with Me

Victoria, UK

Christina is a fountain of yoga knowledge. Her approach is gentle and deep. Her classes were among the most enjoyable I experienced in Agonda, India. I can’t wait to be taught by her again. A nourishing teacher.

Client Feedback

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