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Yoga, Meditation & Mentoring

Journey with me through the gifts of inner healing, and rediscover a way of being that feels more YOU, held by a system of wisdom that offers practices, tools and techniques that seek to nourish and support you along the way.

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Hey there! I'm Chrissie

I'm a dedicated seeker and practitioner of Yoga with over 8 years of experience devoted to unravelling and sharing the depths of its promise ~ to come home to an experience of Self as deliciously whole, already complete, with nothing else to prove. My wish is to offer with complete sincerity the full potential of this practice as a way to enrich your own life, a practice that can imbue you with the deepest sense of trust, that can guide you back to a place of rich inner-knowing, that can open you to receive the fullness of your life even amongst all of its uncertainty....

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Uniquely tailored journeys to support & expand your experience of life, practice and/or teaching. Soften resistance, untangle limitation, find clarity and return to a way of being that feels more YOU!

Opportunities to gather in the power of community. Give yourself the gift of time, pause a little, and come to a place where you remember all that you are behind life's rush.

Studentship is a life-long adventure. Continue to explore your relationship to yoga, and how you might wish to express that into the world, sharing always, from your wise, authentic & loving heart.

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